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I got tagged by Traumfrau
 I'm so exited she tagged me *-* 

The rules:

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But I think I won't tagg anybody. I haven't been back to the blogg-world long enough to know blogger x'D 

11 very boring facts about me:

#1 I'm a potterhead. I love everything about Harry Potter, even if I prefer Draco Malfoy ♥ I'm glad the had in pottermore sorted me in Slytherin. I'm one of the persons who started crying at the WB logo in Harry Potter 7.2 and didn't stop till the very end.
 #2 I love to dye my hair. I had colorfull hair for years. Unfortunaly I got old and have too many jobs - so my hair is brown now.
#3 It's easy to scare me. I hate heigh, insects - especially spiders -, the dark, sharks, monsters. I can't handle horror movies. I scream a lot and I can't sleep very well afterwards.
#4 I like boys in relationships. I don't know why but I always fall for taken boys. It's kind of disgusting how easily boys cheat on their girlfriends....Or maybe just the kind of boys I like xD
#5 I always have a book with me. In every purse of mine is at least one book. In my schoolbag is Shining from Steven King and in my main hand bag is Eragon at the moment.
#6 I live from one flash to the next flash. Last month I had a GLEE-flash and since three weeks I have a Death Note-Flash. I love Mello and Matt! My flashes change every month and some return over and over again - for example Harry Potter, One Piece, Dir en grey.
#7 I'm fat and unhappy with my look. I've never been thin but after one year USA I got ten kilos more on my hips....
#8 I love and hate kids. Most of the time I hate kids. I hate the way they scream, the way they look, the way they cry and they are sooooo annoying. I hate people staring at pictures of children bubbling how cuuuuuuute they are. Gosh, most babys look the same and so many children are ugly! But still is everybody so in love with their look. God damn liars. On the other hand.... I love children. I'm looking forward to have my own. I babysitt a lot - but I need to say that I can't stand one of the girls. She is so annoying - and I was an au-pair in the United States. There are no cuter, prettier and more awesome children than Thomas and Paul. I would die for them.
#9 I always sing and dance in my car. I love listening to music while driving and I always dance while listening. My brother hates it xD
#10 I'm Roman Catholic and raised this way. I belive in God and the Catholic church. I can't take protestans serious and a woman as priest makes me laugh. Of course I don't support all their ideas - all this shit they talk about homos and condoms - but I think I will stay Catholic my whole life. I even grew up with sentences like "better a dead son than a gay son" that was my grandmother's thinking. My parents think more like I do. I mean: I love yaoi x'D
#11 I'm a grammar nazi. Oh I hate mistakes in the German grammar. I don't get why people don't understand the difference between "wie" and "als". And "wegen dir" doesn't exist in the German language. It is "deinetwegen"!

Questions by traumfrau:

#1 What's your favourite food?
I love noodle salad, canned tuna and chocolate mouse. But after my time in Japan I would kill for dango, onigiri and Japanse curry
#2 Cats or dogs?
CATS! I'm not a big fan of dogs. I don't know why. They are large, drool, don't think on their own, do whatever you want. That's just not my kind of animal. But I like carlins *-*
 #3 Your favourite movie?
Gosh... I have no idea. I like way too many movies. I love Mononoke Hime, Disney's Mulan, Lord of the rings, Star Wars, Transformer and Alexander.
#4 How many CDs do you own? What is your favourite?
I only own between 50 and 60 original CDs. It's a bad excuse but I simply don't have the money to buy more. I like my limited Dir en grey CDs, best of hide, Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and my ClearVeil CDs. ♥
#5 What kind of music do you prefer?
I've been a big fan of Japanese music for the last 8 years... But nowadays I prefer American pop music or German HipHop. I still listen to Japanese music but more the old bands...
#6 Do you attend manga and anime conventions?
Not really. I try to go to the Leipziger Buchmesse and Frankfurter Buchmesse every year. They are  actually no real anime convention x'D
#7 How do you want your dream girl/ dream man to look like? 
That's a good question. I love the style of Japanese man but on the other hand I don't think I want my boyfriend to look this way. I like guys with muscels. I like this macho-type of guy. I love this "I'm the man in the house" attitude. So an asshole Asian would be great. I have a horrible taste in men....
My dream girl is Katy Perry. I love this woman so much. I would marry her!
#8 Do you collect something?
 I collect too much stuff. I collect a lot of trash actually xD Like manga, action figures and artbooks from manga and anime, books, empty starbucks' cups, horrible grades, shoes, Disney DVDs and a few more useless things.
#9 What's your favorite school subject and which one do you hate the most?
 My favourite school subjects are German, history and English. I'm bored from all these natural siences - chemistry, bioligy, informatics - and I hate French. Burn in hell you ugly language!!
#10 Who's gonna be your future husband!??
 Hopefully Kyo. But I'm fine with Mello as well.
 #11 Finish that sentence: "If I meet you [Traumfrau] I would..."
...hug you and tell you "I never met you and we never talked but I really like you and think you are pretty cool!"

I will post about the movie tomorrow. I need to study biology and haven't done a thing.... argh!


First of all, the new blogspot layout freaks me out. 
I hate changes. I can't handle them....

Today you will get a little spam from me.
At first I need to tell you all the things that happend not a lot actually I got tagged and I watched a movie last Friday.

So spring finally reached my town. My cat is going crazy about the sun and all the animals. She loves to hunt them down.
My old cat normally catched mice but our new cat prefers birds. 
I wonder if that's because she is so small and fast. Our old one was fat and lazy xD
Isn't she cute? I'm always so proud of her. I feel like a mother supporting and spoling her sweet baby.
But she isn't eating the animals she catches. She is just playing with them and showing off.
My sweet Diva ♥

Last Monday I went to donate blood.
And the stupid fucker of a doctor missed my vein.
My arm looks like I got raped or I'm too stupid to take drugs.
I will never be able to understand how they can't find your vein. They studied this shit!!
The picture is from Monday, right after taking off the band-aid. Now it looks even worse.
This kind of things make me so angry. They coudn't even get all the 500 ml blood they normally get. After 225 ml the blood stopped running and he was like "Oh, I probably just poked through you vein. It will hurt the next three weeks."

In five weeks I will write my final exams.
Gosh, I need to study but I'm soooo lazy. I have no idea how to pass all this shit.
It's the third time I will write final exams. And hopefully the last time xD
[I wrote my Mittlere Reife, Fachabitur and now Allgemeines Abitur
I got so bad the second half of the year. That freaks my out. 'cause at Frankfurt's university they have a nc on my subjects. I will hate myself forever if they don't accept me, just because I'm lazy!


Wrath of the Titans

So last night I watched Wrath of the Titans in 3D.
It's the sequel to Clash of the Titans, which I saw August 2010 on my flight to the USA.
Therefore I can't remember the whole plot and while trying to remember I mixed it up with other Greek mythology movies I've seen.
In the end I coudn't figure out what the first one was about and I think it doesn't matter to watch Wrath of the Titans.
Like the name already tells it's a Greek mythology movie.
It doesn't want to tell you the different and awesome stories Greek myths are able to tell, it's more like fighting, killing, bashing different fictional Greek monsters.
I enjoy this kind of movies anyhow I enjoy every kind of movie, did you notice? and it was fun to watch.
If you know a little bit about Greek myths you can figure out what kind of monster is comming next and all this stuff, but that's ok. Maybe it has a litte bit too much different kinds of monsters...
The 3D was nice. It had some great effects and went very smooth.
One last thing I thought was very funny.
Zeus is played by Liam Neeson - who also played Qui-Gon Jinn in Start Wars - and he always talked about "Macht". I think he meant the English word "power" but it can mean "force" as well and so I cracked up a few times. Zeus the first Jedi ever. Haha. Just my humor, sorry.
Oh and today I won't tell you to go and see the movie. It's very nice if you like the genre but Wrath of the Titans doesn't have a deep story or anything special. It's simply a kill and fight movie.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ - atmosphere
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ - comedy
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ - action
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ - love
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ - horror
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ - epicness



J. Edgar

The movie I saw tonight is different to the ones I mentioned in this blog earlier.
Every Wendsday night the cinema I work for shows the "Filmauslese".
This means, movies with higher standards and deeper meanings are showed. Movies not a lot of people want to see ;-)
Tonight it was J. Edgar.
The movie was in the cinemas in January [first date: 19. January in Germany] so you probably saw it already.
It's a politics and society crtical movie.
J. Edgar Hoover was a real person. He was the director of the FBI for about 50 years. He had a strong will, firm views of politics and state security and I think you can call him a capitalist.
Nowadays you would call him crazy, narrow minded and maybe also a little bit racist, but he was a child of one's time.
He reached a lot - he formed the FBI how we know it now and faught against communism and everything else he thought could jeopardize the American system and security. Edagar's power survived 8 presidents and he was abel to handel and use his power to gather even more.
All in all he was an asshole.
But the movie doesn't only show his political and capitalistic ideas - what we nowadays support or hate - it also showed the difficulties of homosexuality to the time of the early 20. century.
Edgar was gay but coudn't really admit it and he also fell in love with his assistant Clyde Tolson. But Edgar Hoover was raised by his mother with the idea of "better a dead son than a gay son". So the realationship between these two is very touching, dramatic and heart-breaking.
Do yourself a favour, get this movie on DVD and watch it.
You will learn some very fascinating things, you will have to think about some aspects of our society and you can see some very American and captialistic ideologies.
One last information about the movie:
J. Edgar Hoober was a very quiet man, who loved secrets. So nobody knows what is real and what is fiction!

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ - atmosphere
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ - comedy
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ - action
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ - love
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ - horror
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ - epicness



My brother and my dad have been to Düsseldorf.
Both are fans of Fortuna Düsseldorf - the football team from Düsseldorf ;-) - and they went to see a game.
I wanted to join them but coudn't due to my work.
But my dad and my brother are super cute and they bought me some things I wanted.
Green Tea, Golden Curry and Pockys *-*
They coudn't find everything I wanted but that's fine. Maybe I will be able to go to Düsseldorf in early May. ♥
And you see they don't exactly know my taste. Of course I like Hello Kitty but I'm not a big fan of strawberry pockys.
Anyway I bet I won't eat it for a long time. I can't get Japanese food very often and so it is very special for me.



I'm living in a very small town in Bavaria.
You can imagine it is pretty boring.
Going out here is different than going out in big cities.
I love partying in Berlin. There are so many different and interesting kinds of people and you will always find somone depressed enough to buy you drinks.
In my town probably I'm the most different person - and I think I'm quite normal compared to other people I know.
Anyway last Friday I went to a party in a little dico/bar called Muk.
You can see in the picture how modern and fashionable it is. Haha.
I had to censor all the pictures because we are all ugly drunkards.
It's like one of the hotspots in my town - can you belive it? - and it was nice.
They play the Top 50s and some good old Bavarian party songs.
I met tons of my friends and drank a loooooooot.
It was embarrassing like always but that's fine.
I enjoy drinking - sometimes a little bit too much.
Drunken I also love to smoke and so we stayed most of the time outside.
A few of my male friends bought me drinks and so I only had to spend 15 Euros.
Easter is coming. I have no idea what to get my family, maybe they won't get anything.